Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Creative days of May

Life has been much busier than I am able to keep up with here on the blog. There are so many bits and pieces that I wish to share! Here are a few creative things that have been happening around here lately. The mushrooms and butterflies are Vivienne's creations. She got inspired to make them and have a roadside stand when our neighbors were having a yard sale. Next is my wool felt version of Wuzzy, the sweet older dog in residence at the girl's dance theater. He is a charming greeter, despite his poor eyesight. I gave this to his owners, Susan and Giles, with gratitude for their wonderful studio.

I am excited to have joined an online Magic Fairy Wool course with Nicole at Lebenskuenstler. It looks delightful and I can't wait for my beautiful plant dyed wool to arrive in the mail. What a treat!

This woodworking project is Mia's, from her amazing and inspiring woodworking class with the wonderful Mr. Crowe. We will miss having his homeschooling classes next year, but he will be teaching grades 1&2  at the newly formed Waldorf initiative, Azalea Mountain School.  And below are the pretty recycled paper flowers that Mia designed and festively decorated our home with.

 Yummy little blueberry muffin...Vivienne dressed it up just for me. So sweet. More to come!


Blessed Rain said...


wildviolets said...

Beautiful work by you all. So funny, I was thinking of doing that workshop too! It looks great.

Anonymous said...

I love your wonderful, creative projects.

Catherine said...

Wow! Your girls are so creative and yes, you are lucky to have a woodworking homeschooling teacher! I leave woodworking for children books on my partner's nightstand hoping he would pick it up!

Mia Foley said...

Hi Emily!
Really enjoy your blog and your beautiful photographs. We've connected before, this is Mia from Co. Clare in Ireland : ) Your upcoming Magic Fairy Wool course sounds really fun, those colours are stunning! Speaking of plant dyed wool, I wanted to share my new artists blog with you, I do a lot of felting too, it's so so fun.


Look forward to seeing what you create
Warmest wishes