Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Love

The kids really get into celebrating at our house. They work so hard on making gifts for the whole family, it really astounds me! Mia set the table for a special Valentines lunch and made it so darling. I found the prettiest little silk dress at the thrift store for Vivienne, so she had to get dressed up.


I had to share Jasper's dog bone stamp thank you notes, to follow his puppy birthday party! We had fun printing them with a potato . And the last photo, a glorious mango lassi. Could anything be more amazing than cardamom and mango together? Seriously.

Which bring me to a favorite Rumi quote... "Let the Beauty We Love be What We Do" - Katie Daisy's printed version is so pretty.


momma rae said...

oh my, a mango lassi sounds divine right now!! your children are so sweet and beautiful. looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. xoxoxo

suzy said...

I love that Rumi quote!

hands follow heart said...

Hi, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! What a festive home you have, it's lovely to see so much joy! I also love that Rumi quote!