Monday, July 12, 2010

For the Love of France

Reading Julia Child's autobiographical book, My Life in France, has been so inspiring. She discovered her true passion in her late thirties, becoming a world class chef of her own making. I love and admire her story, her adoring relationship with her husband, her sense of humor, and the willingness to adapt to another culture and to learn so much from it. If there is any place that I would most want to live other than where I am, it would be in France. Ever since participating in a sister city exchange program in high school , I have longed to return. Reading her book was like taking a trip to a familiar landscape. Another super effect this book left, was inspiring a superb meal for my food (er, I mean book) club. No matter the book, we always have a beautiful meal together. But sharing a French dining experience, this was exceptional! Ah, c'est magnifique!

I made Julia's Salade Nicoise, which was just as delicious as I had remembered it to taste when I'd order it in my favorite Santa Barbara cafe. The table was decked out with the most incredible food! And much had come directly from the gardens of my lovely friends.

The kids asked to bake a cake so I got inspired to make one of my all-time favorites, the chocolate zucchini cake from Clotilde Dusoulier's awesome food blog. Yum! Here is another excellent food blog, it is in French but even if you don't read the recipe, the photos are incredible!

bon app├ętit!


Guusje said...

Oh my good Lord, that looks like heaven on earth!
I wish I could have joined your club!!!


momma rae said...

wow!! what an incredible spread!!! looks like you all really enjoy yourselves. that is beautiful. ;)