Monday, November 9, 2009

A Tale of Two Crowns

My kids have been hard at work on various projects, just filled with creative excitement. Vivienne made a glorious woolen felt crown yesterday. She has a particular gift for getting an idea in her head and then just going for it. She cut the felt, fit and sewed it, decorated it and , Voila!, project complete!

The girls have had much fun in re-purposed clothes and scraps lately. I feel pleased that my family knows how to make the best out of what we have at hand. I also feel less mastered by my material wants than in the past. I realize that much of my materialistic desires have often been from a place of disconnect from my own creativity, as well as a well-tread habit of thinking. These days, I keep cancelling the catalog company mailings and try to stay true to my path of less is more. I have a strong dislike for malls and big box stores. If I can only rid myself of the habit of shopping thrift stores! I am always excited about the prospect of finding discarded treasures... whether they are bit of woolen yarn, fine ceramic dishes, cashmere sweaters, fabulous dress-up, or books. I have even found several beautiful Waldorf dolls in thrift shops! I suppose I can have this one vice! In fairness, I love to find treasures for other people, too, and take joy in uncovering a thrifty surprise. Balance is always good, and I pass up many more treasures than I used to. I try to remember to savor and enjoy what we already have.

Now that the days are drawing me inward, I hope to get out my sewing machine and have some fun! Here was my project from yesterday. I took a tunic top of mine that was coming apart, and used the beaded sash on it to make a pretty crown. I added a few buttons where sparkling bits were missing, and sewed a layer of woolen felt to the back. Mia took the body of the tunic to make a wonderful stretchy knit scarf. I love recycling!

~And a footnote about the new blog title photo... the lovely sun soap was a gift from my dear friend, Jen, who has been teaching me about soap making. With gratitude ~

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