Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lantern Walk

Tonight we took a lovely walk in celebration of Martinmas. The story of the kindness and generosity of Saint Martin was told, and we learned beautiful songs around a bonfire. Then, through the meadows, we walked and contemplated. We had quite a few stops to relight lanterns, as the winds were blowing strongly, but it was wonderful time. One of my favorite songs is a traditional German one, "I walk with my lantern." I found a lovely recording on this nice blog. (Thank you, Farida!) I am so happy to have found a way to revisit the sweet lyrics and think of the beautiful procession of handmade lanterns.

Mia and Vivienne made these beautiful beeswax lanterns (thank you, Ines!)

Here is our version of the translation from the German Ich geh mit meiner Lanterne

I walk with my lantern,
My lantern goes with me.
Above the stars are twinkling,
And twinkling, too, are we.
When my light goes out, it's time to go home,
rabimmel , rabammel, rabum.

May the light shine brightly!


Saints and Spinners said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the recording! By the way, I just uploaded a video of the lantern walk itself (taken surreptitiously with my small digital camera). I wanted a way for family and friends to see a little of what we get to experience.

I wish that we could have had the story of St. Martin around the bonfire as well. I know the children got it at school, but it helps the parents when they hear it. I also like the legend that St. Martin hid in a barn to avoid being elected bishop, but was found out when the honking of geese gave him away.

Guusje said...

Wow, beautiful! The lanterns are marvelous! Thank you for visiting my blog, I sure ill keep coming back to yours.
x Guusje

Guusje said...

PS. I just realize i already checked your blog over and over again in the past, it's in my personal list now !

Kelly said...

What a wonderful Martinmas festival evening you enjoyed. Your beeswax lanterns are so beautiful. I've never come across lanterns like these before. The leaves on the side really add to their beauty.

Anonymous said...

Every year the kids can craft their lantern, we light a few candles in empty jars and sing the 3 Sint Martin songs we know - the kids start singing these songs already one week before until the point I really beg them to stop - I know, bad bad mum-. And as a treat I put a bowl of candy for them to snack. When we lived in Holland the kids went back to school in the late afternoon for a short walk through the centre with their lanterns made from a pumpkin or a beet. They could than collect apples in tiny basket - which the parent carried - from people living nearby who volunteered to distribute them among the singing kids. Ooohhh, I miss that so much. Here in Italy I have to do it myself, at home. Which is also very nice of course, don't get me wrong. I think I miss "the sharing with other like-minded people part". Thank you for this beautiful post and lovely pictures, XXX.

taimarie said...

Those lanterns are beautiful!

sarah said...

hello from a new reader, what a beautiful weblog you have!

Crescent Moon said...

Your lanterns are beautiful! We have made many beeswax candles, but I never thought of making the lantern itself out of beeswax. It's a wonderful idea!