Monday, May 19, 2008

Mother's Day

I am finally posting about my beautiful mother's day. It is a day that I cherish because it is what my life revolves around - being a mama to my amazing children. And to be appreciated is such a gift. Vivienne was musing that mother's day should be all year long, well until my birthday in July, well okay maybe just a week. She made some lovely art pieces for me, and a beautiful card. Mia also made a lovely card, and they both chose some special gifts with David - my favorites - chocolate, ginger chews, peppermint soap, earrings and a special box. We spent the afternoon at Hot Springs soaking in a tub and sharing a picnic lunch. It was a real delight. And my gift to myself was to get digging in the garden - planting a fig trees and some blueberry bushes, and lots of herbs and seeds.

The creek at hot springs:

Vivienne's creation:

My garden goodies:

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