Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Family & Friends Camping Trip

This past weekend was our second year of experiencing the magic of Cataloochee. We organized a group of 13 families to enjoy a weekend of camping fun together. It was fantastic. I cannot even describe the pleasure of watching my children running free in a natural environment as pristine and inviting as this one. The kids travelled in packs - then merged together for bike rides and ball games, disc golf, creek exploration and campfires. And the grownups had just as much fun!

The cove was filled with thousands of butterflies, and elk that would migrate down to the open fields at sunset. One stag was even spotted crossing our campsite in the early morning. And the fresh, clean air that smelled of pine needles warmed by the sun, and cool crisp bubbling creek water. Heavenly!

Going to see the Elk:

The Old Homestead Barn:

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