Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Moments

In the midst of packing boxes to move, I am finding a moment to share images of our summer thus far.

Vivienne's adventures in Rama and Sita, her 4th grade class play. She enjoyed narrating and playing the role of a demon. She's third from left. Such a great production, thank you Ms. Laura!

Camping with friends is always the way we bring in the summer season. What a treat to see a majestic Elk so close. Last year we had a young buck visit our campground and play with a frisbee across the field from us.

 Pick-up truck of kids in tow, awe struck by the beautiful creatures.

 Playful fun with friends...


hula contests...

Ahhh, the sun dappled  river!

 My little bit of bliss

sweet friends

marshmallow roasting time

 Mia's Growing Goddess camp with Lena and Sarah

Four nights in the woods, and coming away with such wisdom. The best camp ever!

Sacred Mountain- so beautiful!

Happy Summer to all!


Heather Tinnaro said...

Emily dear, you have an incredible talent for capturing a moment, and such a beautiful, divine family to share those moments with! I will miss you all SO much. No neighbors will EVER compare.

Rich Rennicks said...

Great pictures. And it's only the start of July. What else will the summer bring...