Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring is Near

 It is really something with the temperatures nearing the eighties. Flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing. How spring has sneaked up on me! We didn't get much of a winter this year, which is why I am so surprised by the shift. Vivi made me this sweet little posy a week or so ago. And today the kids spend the afternoon picking violets so they can make candied violets. After that, they played in the mud and were covered from head to toe! My tulips and daffodils are blooming and bringing such good cheer. I love the signs of spring.

Vivi constructed a doll house last weekend. She had a really fun time designing it. The roof even hinges open to get into the room and the walls are wallpapered. I love her joy in creating something from the recycling bin.
I also must share this link to my boy's music making fun. He loves to play instruments and especially to drum. You can see the music maker here. Other music videos to come, the kids all like to perform their songs for an audience.

I also must share these beautiful photos taken by my friend, Ines! There is a tame deer in her neighborhood that was orphaned, some folks decide to feed him and look after him.  He is a real character and very sweet but unfortunately will continue to grow bigger and bolder around people. He is getting his antler buds and is fond of eating garden flowers. I hope that they find a home for this guy where he can return to the wild. My children love to visit this beautiful place in the woods which they call Fairyland. It is a magical place to be. Thank you, Ines for letting me share your lovely images!

Spring Blessings to all!


earthboysblog said...

Your colors of spring are lovely. We are reading Laura Ingalls Wilder books over again!!! were at the part where little Grace was lost and found in the magical Violet Ring. Love all your knitting projects, the sweet deer. Your new haircut it suits you and will be nice and cool for the warm weather. Your children are adorable. Have a wonderful time in France it's a shame we are not there already otherwise we could have met. Maybe you will come again. Thank you for your beautiful messages, I shall hopefully post some photos when the new little babes come. Big kiss to you.

Rebekah said...

Wow! We live surrounded by deer, and I've never seen anyone TOUCH one! What an opportunity- I'd imagine it's like petting a goat. Your kids are so lucky!

meadowsweet hare said...

this is so magical!

such a beautiful blog ❤

Julie said...

beautiful! we just celebrated our winter solstice and festival here.