Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sleeping under the stars

Since we are a family of fair-weather campers, this beautiful outing represents the last trip of the year. And what a splendid time it was! We were so grateful to be invited along to this private remote campground.  This place was gorgeous and had some pretty luxurious amenities, as far as camping goes.  It was a real treat to enjoy the company of good friends in the natural world. The community of  Balsam Mountain has it's own nature center, where we got to learn about their resident creatures and experience the training process for their hawk, Zeus.

I was raised by the song

Of the murmuring grove

And loving I learned

Among Flowers.

- Friedrich Holderlin


Catherine said...

Oh my God! What a gorgeous camping spot! And your photos capture the magic of it all!

.::Our Waldorf Home Mama::. said...

Beautiful pictures!! Oh how I miss camping--- we are now dealing with blizzard like weather here in Northern MN :( I will live through you!


moment to moment said...

it looks so lovely, what a special place to camp!

Hashi said...

Your photography takes my breath away. I especially love the first shot.

H West said...

Wow. I needed to pop in here today! Those are gorgeous pics.

earthboysblog said...

I miss camping. I was so impressed by the many camping amenities throughout the USA. It's really easy and comfortable to camp. I'm so glad I scrolled down a few of your posts to come across your woman's herbal day. I've just mentioned today on my blog how I would love to attend a herbal retreat at Sage Mountain with Rosemary. I have her correspondence course to. Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences. Jeanene