Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Having Irish heritage on my father's side of the family, I love this special holiday. I don't go wild with green food coloring, but I do appreciate the association with green, being this time of year! I am thirsty for it! Our yard is still looking rather muddy and most plants are masking their inner activity with brittle brown shades. I know that the expansion of everything green is just around the corner! And I can't wait to witness it!

Vivienne's little green fairy

My favorite shade of green yarn. Shaba green from Peace Fleece.

This dainty little satchel was found in our garden this morning. Filled with little candy mints wrapped in gold foil. Just the perfect size for a jolly little leprechaun. Favorite music for the day?  The Secret of Roan Inish soundtrack.

My favorite Irish Blessing sung by Snatam Kaur.

May the Long Time Sun Shine upon You.
All Love surround you.
And the pure light within you
Guide your way home.


Kelly said...

Happy St Patrick's Day! What a lovely celebration you all enjoyed! Such a fun festival to enjoy. My father's family originate from Wexford in southern Ireland so it is a special day for us too.

likeschocolate said...

Hope you had a day filled with good fortune.