Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Oh, my sweet little guy. How I love thee! What a joy and a blessing it is to celebrate my boy's fourth birthday. Still generous with hugs and snuggles, loves silly jokes (What is a hat? A HAT!....), and reading books, telling tales, inventing, creating, sewing, building, running, playing and singing songs...Full of wonder, light, and LOVE! Hurray for my little pirate boy!

the cutest invitations made by Bella and Boo

Jasper's party was so much fun because the girls helped create the activities. Mia and Vivienne created a puppet show, based on a cute book called "The Dog Who Cried Wolf" by Keiko Kasza. David even helped to narrate, and friends from the party joined in. We set up the playstand in the living room to make a stage.

Pappa Pirate introducing the Puppet Show

Vivienne made a treasure hunt, with her own written clues leading to the pirate treasure.I prepared several chocolate coins wrapped in a bandana for each child. The girls also helped to create a pirate cove, with a basin of water, decorated and filled with seashells, coins and little walnut boats floating about.

The kids sneaked upstairs to eat their chocolate coins

Jasper was very fortunate to get many special handmade gifts for his birthday. I will share more etsy artists in future posts! It was so lovely to celebrate his birthday with friends.

Mia got inspired by a cute puppy pattern from Sewing Green.

Vivienne's felt owl

A beautiful lavender pillow made by Ines

My sweet boy ~ I am one grateful mama. xoxo



Tan Family said...

Soooo precious! Lovely ideas and gifts. What an amazing day for your whole family. :)

momma rae said...

happy birthday sweet jasper! i love the stuffies made by vivi and mia. :) the puppet show is so sweet.

we had a fun celebration, too!

Jen said...

What a lovely party! Happy birthday to your special Star Boy! Loved the puppet show pictures!

Naturalearthfarm said...

So so sweet. I just love handmade goodness. What a beautiful family you have.
Warm wishes,

brown robin said...

Happy Birthday, Jasper and Jasper's mama! A little bird told me that she gave you one of my pencil rolls. That just warms my heart.

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to Jasper! What lovely gifts! Such a special day:)

onegoldensun said...

Thank you all for the sweet comments.
Brown Robin... Yes, I will be dedicating a post in the near future for the best loved etsy artists around here! Jasper and I love the pencil case that you made. :)

jane said...

looks like you had a wonderful time. and i´m sure you still have many years of snuggles to come:)

C.T. said...

Ooh cookies, late again!! Happy B-Day Jasper. Such a lovely day you all had. And those handmade gifts are absolutely adorable.