Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Moments

Summer is here one minute, and then gone the next. Or so it seems to me. I can almost feel autumn waiting around the bend, and while I love the change of seasons (and have some weeks to go), this awareness reminds me to enjoy this moment!

Here are some things that I am appreciating about summer today.:

Fresh Produce - we picked our very first tomatoes of the season yesterday. The kids delight in discovering raspberries, wine berries and strawberries. The watermelon and cucumbers are growing bigger and we have more squash and swiss chard than we know what to do with. I love the fresh herbs and take strolls in the garden just to brush by them. Vivienne made fresh salsa for her favorite neighbor already (her own recipe with cucumber and garlic.) The bounty seems endless, even in a little garden such as ours.

Wild Garden/Wild Children - everything, (most especially, weeds!) looking full and lush, blooming, creeping, toppling and bursting with life! I love to see my kids delight and make discoveries alongside me. My children are covered in dirt and berry dripping most every day, which is a good thing in my book.

Icy Treats - it is the season for refreshing smoothies, homemade Popsicles, ice creams and frozen grapes (a favorite from when I was little). My favorite indulgence is Vosges Red Fire ice cream (made with hot ancho & chipotle chilies, cinnamon and dark chocolate - yum!)

Relics of Sand and Sea - a pocketful of sand tumbles out of my carry bag, shells are floating around the house, and my mind still wanders to the quiet oasis that the beach keeps for me.

What are your favorite moments of the season?


Likes Chocolate said...

Your so lucky that you can have a garden. My whole back yard is shaded by trees. I bet the children enjoy eating the stuff out of the garden because they made it. I know what you mean when you say you feel like Fall is around the bend.

Catherine said...

What beautiful photos! Sounds like you are having a great summer! The garden is so amazing, isn't it? We are enjoying our first lettuce and herbs too, some tomatoes are starting to ripen... We went strawberry picking yesterday and then to the beach too! I love summer's energy! We are enjoying raw ice cream of all flavors here, experimenting with our raw cream and new ice cream machine... I might just have to try to duplicate your ancho-chocolate flavor! Yum!

Anonymous said...

I know that feeling which you've described in the beginning of this post. You have made some lovely pictures (the one with the grapes) and to be quite honest...summer is not really my favourite time of the year. I love all the rest, but not the summers....toooo hot. But I really much enjoy the summer fruits though - lol- Wish you a great week!

Jill said...

I love that the sun sets a bit later - after the dinner is finished and dishes are done. We have a chance to reflect on the day, and set out our hopes for tomorrow.

Heather said...

What beautiful pictures!

Summer moments to me mean long nights outside, fresh vegetables, feet dangling in the river, and fireflies.

Thank you for the beautiful inspiration