Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Awake!

After a day of feeling very miserable and low energy with a tiresome spring cold, I am waking up a bit and ready to enjoy some sunshine! I walked out of the house this morning in amazement to the working of nature. Since our early April showers, everything is beginning to look so vibrant. I absolutely love spring!

I send my heartfelt blessings to my mom who has a birthday today! Love you so much!

Vivienne's very own garden plot. Her radishes are coming up!

Mia tidying up the backyard play fort

My creative outlet for today - homemade Baklava. Came out a bit gooey, but sweet!

aren't these little sprouts the sweetest sight? Did I already tell you how much I love spring?


Sarah said...

Your spring is coming along ahead of ours! Pretty flowers. Thanks for your comment on my blog--it's fun to see who is reading!

Linda said...

Happy Spring to you! Shame I hope you are feeling better. Your photos are so wonderful and really say Spring! My hubby finished his 50 km race yesterday and is slightly exhausted, but he really loves to mountain bike. I mentioned to him that your hubby mountain bikes too and he was impressed, have a great week....

Olya said...

gooey baklava is the best :) I'd love to hear how you made yours. I never tried making it before, but I do have some phyllo dough sitting in the freezer.

I love spring for the same reasons, how everything becomes alive around you and changes... I think to be it's all about the change!

onegoldensun said...

Thank you for your comments! Olya, I was really nervous about how gooey the baklava came out but my friends assured me that it was supposed to be that way, and it was in fact, very good! Phew! I combined a couple of recipes. I used rose water to flavor the syrup, and I preferred the walnuts over the almond batch. It was remarkably simple to make, really. Just a bit time consuming to butter the many, many layers of dough. Let me know if you need any more details, Happy baking!