Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Dream

Okay, indulge me while I share something of a recent dream. I cannot recall the details but what stayed with me in my waking was a profound truth. Basically, it was the statement "Love is Everything." And I really felt it within me as I came out of my dream. It brought the thought, "whomever loves most lives best!" Sort of the bumper sticker version of the same idea. But I really think that if I were to gauge the real value of my existence, it has everything to do with loving , be it people, plants or animals... loving as a way of living. Just think of the human evolution potential if we could all completely embrace this concept. I think that there are so many ways to manifest one's love, and I can really recognize and appreciate it in the work of others. Just think of the love that goes into art, into service for others, into gardening, raising children, cooking, etc. As you can tell, I really embrace this idea. My wish is to manifest this reverence and inner focus in everything I do, as best that I can. I see it as a way to be truely present in the world.

~ In gratitude to the beauty of the rose~


misty Mawn said...

your blog and photos and everything here is so sweet!

thanks so much for your comment to my post!

love is all there is... beautiful & so true. :-)

Anonymous said...

Emily, you are such a beautiful person - your thoughts, actions, children, home.... all beautiful. i'll carry these thoughts of love with me! -tif